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Trafalgar USA Tours

Trafalgar USA Tours will take you on a journey of history and possibilities! The United States is an energetic and optimistic country that has faced and defeated the odds beginning with The Revolutionary War, which set the tone for how we came to be. The perfect region of the United States to begin our Trafalgar USA tour is New England, and what better city to begin in as Boston aka The Cradle of Liberty? The best time to visit Boston and the rest of New England, which consists of states like Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont is normally the first week of October.

Next stop would have to be a Trafalgar tour of the National Parks. Imagine waking to a brilliant sun rising on the east over the spectacular Grand Canyon? As the sun makes its way up, you'll have no choice but to witness the canyon's interior from golden pink to lavender shades.

Although there's the west coast and Florida to consider when traveling through the United States, keep in mind that Alaska and Hawaii are a part of the 50 states. Trafalgar USA Tours of Alaska or Hawaii can be a life-changing experience.

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