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Trafalgar Spain and Portugal Tours

Trafalgar Spain and Portugal Tours will guide you through two of the most multi-cultural countries in Europe. In addition to being home to Museo del Prado where masterpieces by Dali, Goya, and Picasso hang, Madrid is also home to more bars than any other city in Europe! Barcelona or Barthelona (how Spaniards pronounce it) is quite the opposite of Madrid! Rather than having ancient tones, Barcelona is much more modern, and that's thanks mostly to Antoni Gaudi, the architect responsible for Gaudi Park and La Sagrada Familia Basilica, which is still unfinished... Construction on the Basilica began in 1882, Gaudi passed away in 1926, and there weren't any blueprints to go by. The Pyramids of Giza took only 20 years to build and the city of Barcelona doesn't expect to finish La Sagrada Familia until around 2028. This is what makes Spain so interesting! A Trafalgar Spain & Portugal Tour will provide you with this and more to see and experience.

Southern Spain on the other hand is filled with Moorish history beginning with The Alhambra Palace, which was originally built in 889 AD using Roman remains. It was then ignored up until 1333 when it was renovated, but then went through another spurt of being ignored until Romans commissioned an architect to rebuild the palace for the current emperor of the time, Charles V. However, due to the territory being of mostly Moorish, the rebellions kept the work from being completed. Several Trafalgar Spain and Portugal Tours include Granada.

Last, but not least, Portugal is filled with hidden gems you can discover on a Trafalgar Spain and Portugal tour. In Oporto you can enjoy fermented Port and take some back home with you... There's also the Holy Miracle of Fatima where you can visit or take a pilgrimage to in order to see the Catholic Shrine of the Virgin Mary. Lisbon, which is Europe's second oldest capital city, which is home to 25 de Abril Bridge, which resembles our Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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