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Trafalgar Italy Tours

Trafalgar Italy Tours will take on a "corner by corner" journey of Italy. Every corner whether in Rome, Florence, Venice, or anywhere else in between will bring you face to face with something extraordinary, and what better than a Trafalgar Italy Tour to guide thoughout?

Trafalgar Italy Tours will provide you with the opportunity to see ruins of over a millennium's past still standing. The largest ampitheatre and most visited by tourists from all parts of life is The Colosseum, which was built in 80 AD and accommodated upwards of 80,000 people. If you're ever in Rome during Good Friday, the Pope leads a torch-lit procession, which begins in an area near the Colosseum.

Although sightseeing isn't sencond to any other activity, dining is a very close send to that... Being able to dine outside the hotel at local authentic family establishments is how you want to experience Italian cuisine. You may be in Rome one moment experiencing their culinary style, then be in Florence, Venice, or Naples and distinguish each style from one another. Trafalgar Italy Tours like Italy Bellissimo includes 11 Days, 10 Cities, 15 Meals, 4-Star Centrally Located Accommodations, and lots of Sightseeing.

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